Learn More About The Making Sales or Excuses Training Course

Success In Sales and Building a Business Has a Lot To Do With Habits and Mindset

This is usually not developed immediately... it takes time, repetition, and a strong support group.

The Making Sales or Excuses and Home Based Business Training Course is $500 One Time, which includes the entire 'Making Sales or Excuses Training' and 'Home Based Business Training'. The Master Mind and Mentoring Group is an additional $50 Per month and provides you with additional training, mentoring and support.

There will be several Live events each week.
Many will be recorded for your review.
Details will follow by email and phone.
We will cover a host of topics related to Sales and Technology.
Benefits are included for active Members. (See Below)

This is a partial list of what is included for Sales and Sales Management Training:

  • How to motivate yourself and others to pick up the phone.
  • How to do the activities you know you should do, but avoid.
  • How to feel comfortable asking people to buy or join.
  • How to manage your time.
  • How to manage distractions.
  • The three Phases of working a lead.
  • How to implement the Little People Tool Box training.
  • How to recruit and prospect better.
  • How to remember this material so you can implement it when necessary.
  • Including Technology Training:
    • How automated email delivery can work for you.
    • How to use the Youmongus Blog and Youmongus Movies.
    • How to build Phase3 Custom Websites and to setup Lead Capture Pages with Phase3.
    • How to use MLM Free Speech and Youmongus Blog to your advantage.

Increase your skill level in sales and technology and build your business.

Additional Features After Paid in Full*:
  • Access to both the Making Sales or Excuses and Home Based Business Training.
  • 100+ Educational and Training Movies and Webinars .
  • Classified Ads on our Youmongus Ad Network ($1000+ in ads).
  • Published Entry in the MLM Who’s Who Directory.
  • Double the number of leads on your first leads order (up to $200).
  • 15% more leads on any leads package during the year.
  • 25% more PM Dollars on all orders.
  • Phase3 including Youmongus Blog with Youmongus Movies for one year. (A Savings of OVER $240 Per Year!)
  • Save $100 when you pay in full with this option vs. the the Payment Plans.
  • Your Own Phase3 Website Builder and Lead Capture Pages System for one year.
  • Option to be a guest host on one Building Fortunes Radio show with Peter Mingils.

* These additional benefits start when the FULL sales course has been paid in full. If payment arrangements have been scheduled, the benefits will start when the sales course is entirely paid. You can accelerate and pay off the remaining balance at any time. The one time Payment amount for the Full Course is $500. The Master Mind and Mentoring Group is $50 Additional per month and is not included in the cost of the Making Sales or Excuses and Home Based Business Training. If you are on payment schedule, the full payment is $600 for the Making Sales or Excuses and Home Based Business Training Course.